Friday, 20 July 2012

Jake's canal hobby ... (in cartoon format)

Jake was a rescued dog, who was part of my baggage when Ken and I met ... he developed a serious fixation with fishing.

Half black poodle, half bearded collie, he was a very intelligent little fellow who decided that Ken could not possibly catch a fish without his assistance.

Ken had to try to distract Jake when he cast out his swim-feeder, or the helpful dog would dive in to retrieve it and fetch it back.

Jake would sniff the fish and then try to lick it ... that's all he ever wanted to do ... but Ken wouldn't let him, so he got pretty unhappy at times ... at least, until he saw the float bob under, then he would set up his special yelping cry.

When Ken did hook a fish, Jake would start yelping and announcing to the world that a fish had been caught. He would jump up and down on his hind legs, desperate to sniff the treasure.

The most entertaining video film I possess is one where Jake is 'fishing' for himself with a long bullrush, to which I had tied a float ... he spent ages with it, waiting for the float to bob under. Gave Ken some peace that day, LOL. Here we have Jake, examining his latest catch on the edge of the canal towpath.

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